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We, as well as, probably, you can't imagine our life without the sky. That is why we decided to create this web page for aviation lovers where everyone can find something new and interesting for him. We do our best to fill it with interesting content that includes educational articles and news about flights, planes and, of course, pilots.

Are you fascinated by the sight of white cumulus clouds during the flight when the plane gets through them and suddenly clear blue sky appears? Not to mention sunsets and downs in the sky that differ much from those we see from the earth! Actually the sky is for romantic people lively airports, beautiful landscapes you see beneath, and there is something interesting in every single flight. Anyone who has been in the sky at least once will never forget this inspiring feeling. As most famous aviators used to say: "You can fly to the same city three times a day, but each flight will be different from the other".

The dream of the man to fly is reflected in the myths of different peoples of the world. Ancient China, Greece and Europe tried to make this dream come true, but only in the late 18th century serious attempts of the man to fly became a success. Having accumulated knowledge in the field for thousands of years aviation enthusiasts and scientists managed to make a dream of soaring over the earth a reality. More and more flying machines driven by man began to appear, such as balloons, gliders, dirigibles and the most unusual planes.

Great strides in the development of aviation were made during the wars. Many inventions in the field were made during World War I and World War II. Of course, no invention made during the war can offset and justify the losses of the countries participating in the war, but the fact remains the fact!

You can trace the intriguing history of aviation by visiting top aviation museums in the USA. There are over a dozen aviation museums in the country featuring extensive collections showcasing rare exhibits related to the history of aviation in general and the development of aviation in the U.S. in particular. In the museums you can learn about the latest achievements of aviation engineers and constructors, see with your own eyes the most famous airplanes, best aircraft of all time, military airplanes, helicopters, commercial aviation, civil aviation, spacecraft, aviation engines, weapon, spying equipment, military uniform, aviation equipment and top aviation movies. There is also a large library of historic papers and photos of epic air battles.

Well, we hope that we've got you a little intrigued. So don't leave our site without looking through the pages and having started reading you will find it hard to stop.

How to Introduce Children to The Sky?

Finally we would like to thank people who take care of our children! Due to them even a child can experience what it's like to be a pilot. We mean summer aviation camps and programs that aim to introduce children to the exciting world of aviation.